[MV]台灣美樂地 – 轉來key

Client: 蔡英文競選總部
Director: 呂貽雯 Wendy Lu
Design: 殷瑋宏 Yin Wei Hung / 陳奕彰 Jude / 呂貽雯 Wendy Lu
Lead Animator: 林思翰 Aexers Lin
Animator: 林思翰 Aexers Lin / 詹子岳 Lit Jhan
Cel: 許桂騰 Guei-Teng Shiu / 徐拉瓦 Frank Hsu

This song is a fund raising theme song for one of the president candidate. The song is about nostalgia, and telling people home is always there for them. Our goal is to capture the abstract idea of home. The script is basically following the theme of the song, and we want enhance the story with a deeper meaning, therefore we add some important issues that happens in Taiwan. We want the music video is not just about individuals but also a self-examination of our country.